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Machining beyond

ZME is a producer of complex, high-precision components.

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Small-scale, high-precision and serial production

We specialize in the production of high-precision components for the manufacturing, medical, aerospace and precision engineering industries.

Minuscule in size, consistent in quality and promptness in delivery. The challenge is never too much: we manufacture high-precision components in small and medium-size series where consistency in quality is paramount. What is possible? And how do we achieve reliability in our processes and consistent high quality in our products? We always find an answer to these questions.

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ZME Fijnmechanisch Atelier

For craftsmanship and high-precision measurement

  • High-precision work, small and exact.

  • Machining: turning, milling and multitasking

  • Automated production at an honest price.

  • Experimental daring and know-how for process improvements

  • Worldwide delivery

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‘It’s all about technology. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine something so small and exact. But our factory is responsible for producing the very smallest high-precision components.’

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