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For a combination of turning and milling, we use the Willemin-Macodel 508MT. This is a multitasking 8-axis machining centre for carrying out all machining operations in the production of complex components. The flexibility offered by the machine is unrivalled and combines the best of two worlds. The Willemin-Macodel 508MT is equipped to carry out fully automated production. ZME is one of the few manufacturers in the Netherlands where this kind of multitasking can be found and where its potential can be harnessed to full effect.

The power of our Willemin

The entire machining cycle, from start to finish, is carried out on a single machine. The machine does away with the need for intermediate operations so that an extremely high degree of precision is attained. The rotating B-axis allows this machine to work around the product from -45° to +115° so that 5-axis machining can take place on both the main axis as well as the counter-spindle.

The revolver unit on the U-axis is fitted with a swivelling spindle, clamp and tailstock centre for optimum flexibility in changeover. The 72 tools in the magazine and the 80-bar internal cooling by the milling spindle, in combination with 42,000 rpm, makes this machine highly suited for the production of complex, high-precision products.

Experimental work

If required, we are more than happy to face the challenge of creating a new product. But we are only too pleased to rediscover the possibilities for existing products as well. We do this in collaboration with customers in search of process improvement, higher precision or faster or more efficient production to enhance the quality of the final product. Can you see the value of investing in experimental work?

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