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Turning and milling

Small-scale turning

For high-precision turning, look no further than ZME. We make a distinction between lathe turning up to 40 mm and sliding head turning up to 12 mm. Our machining technologies cover the three main engineering processes, so creating endless possibilities for your product. The combination of our creativity and years of professional expertise means that ZME is a reliable high-precision partner par excellence.

Lathe turning

We specialize in single and multi-spindle lathe turning with a maximum spindle passage of 40mm. We also use this method for complex turning and milling parts. The machines in our factory are equipped with power tools which enable fully automated processing. Given the right focus, we can guarantee the serial production of high-precision components.

Sliding head-Swiss type turning

Sliding head turning is the method used for producing long, small-diameter components. But this turning method can be used to produce shorter products too. Our STAR SW12RII has 10 axes, including two linear slides on the main spindle which can carry out turning and milling operations simultaneously.

The advantage of this machine are the short processing times and its maximum diameter of 12 mm. The STAR is equipped with a 150-bar high-pressure unit. Sliding head-Swiss type turning is a suitable addition to the turning process, enabling us to continue providing small, high-precision components.

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