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In serial production, every component must satisfy the same rigorous requirements as the one that goes before.

Minuscule in size, consistent in quality and promptness in delivery.

The challenge is never too much: we manufacture high-precision components in small and medium-size series where consistency in quality is paramount. What is possible? And how do we achieve reliability in our processes and consistent high quality in our products? We always find an answer to these questions.

Serial production of a complex component

Our strength lies in starting up a process and in programming and testing. Although we are not averse to experimentation, our prime aim is to achieve a result which delivers consistency and high quality, even when a series may be as small as 100, 1000 or a few thousand units. Every component our factory turns out, meets the very same high standards as the first component in the same production run. This may sometimes mean recommending the adaptation of a design or choosing a different material.

Exploring the possibilities.

What also makes us unique is our willingness to go the extra step. Of course, we will always be bound by the laws of physics, but we can still roll back the frontiers when specific components necessitate this. This may mean designing a new product or improving an existing one to bring about enhanced quality and quicker lead-times.

We do this not only with the Willemin Macodel 508MT, which enables us to make smaller series and new products, but also with all the other machines in our factory. In particular, for the manufacture of existing work, when a new series is put into production, we are more than happy to discuss improvements in quality or lead times.

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